AARV Parks is hitting the road! (Without using one drop of gasoline)

  • AARV Parks is hitting the road! (Without using one drop of gasoline)

Leo Novelli, President and CEO of All American RV Parks, is preparing a cross country road trip promoting RV vacationing, and in a unique twist, he’ll be towing an Airstream Sport trailer with his Tesla Model X. It’s his desire to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport while touring as many RV campgrounds as possible along the way.

The trip is scheduled to cover approximately 6,000 miles, across 21 states, over 40 days, while visiting the company’s owned campgrounds and those in the AARV Club, along with Good Sam, RPI and non-affiliated facilities. You’ll be able to ride along by following Leo’s posts on multiple social media platforms. Account names and hashtags will be published in our next issue of The Scoop or follow our corporate Instagram account @aarv_parks, Twitter account @aarvparks and Facebook page at Facebook.com/aarvparks for more information.

If you would like to know more about Towing with a Tesla Model X visit http://www.rvzone.com/Tesla-Referral-Code.cfm.


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