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It is the responsibility of the member to find a buyer.

The account must be in a current status while trying to sell the membership.

The seller must contact the corporate office with the new buyer’s name(s), address and phone number. There is a transfer fee of $250.00. This can be paid by either party. We will then forward the current member(s) a “relinquishment of rights agreement”. We will send, to the prospective member(s), a Resort Park International application and a new contract. Upon receipt of the paperwork, the proper adjustments will be made to put the account in the new member’s name(s). The transfer is not complete until all paperwork is returned to the corporate office.

We would like to make sure you understand that we can not resale your membership. The company can not guarantee nor stipulate that any information given will help you sell your membership.

Listed below are some helpful hints that have worked for other members in the past.

  1. Post it on which is a “free” help wanted website. (see below)
  2. Call your local RV dealership and speak with a sales manager in reference to using it as an incentive on the sale of an RV.
  3. Advertise through a RV dealership and their promotional show.
  4. Advertise through your hometown newspaper.
  5. Give it away, as a gift, to a friend, neighbor, family member or just someone that enjoys camping.
  6. Post advertisements at rest areas along a trip you take.
  7. Place a 3×5 index card at your local community center, church, hardware store, grocery store, RV supply store, or RV dealership.

Upon obtaining a prospective buyer for your membership, please give us a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment for your prospect to tour the resort of your choice.

We hope these suggestions provide some assistance. Good luck in your search for future “Good Timers”.

Posting your membership on

  • Go to – A “FREE” help wanted website.
  • Post your ad anywhere in the country especially in the counties surrounding the three parks.
    • Cathedral Palms – San Bernardino County, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties
    • Hidden Springs – Walthall County, Pike, Marion, Lincoln, Lawrence, and Jefferson Davis Counties
    • Tomorrow’s Stars – Clark County, Greene, Montgomery, Miami, Shelby, Champaign, Madison and Fayette counties
  • Your buyer can choose their home park from any of the 3 parks operated by All American RV Parks.
  • To establish what your selling price is; look for other ads similar to yours.  If there aren’t any posted then you can go high.  If there is another ad similar to yours, price accordingly or hold off on posting your ad in that area until the other ad expires.
  • Download the flyers for the parks and attach them to your ad or just use the wording to explain the facilities and benefits.
  • Be sure to mention Resort Parks International (RPI).  The initial $250 transfer fee includes the 1st year of RPI for your buyer.  The RPI flyer can also be downloaded from the site and placed in your ad.
  • Remind your buyer that their yearly maintenance dues may be a different than yours (billed quarterly).  Dues can be frozen anytime by sending in proof that the member is 65 years or older or permanently disabled (which means dues will frozen at the rate when documentation is received by the corporate office and will never be subjected to a dues increase).
  • The membership can also be willed to family members.
  • There is no limit to the number of times the membership can be willed, sold or transferred.

Resale companies

We strongly urge our members to try and sell their membership themselves.  We have received numerous complaints from members that have engaged with resale companies and have had zero success.   Keep in mind resale companies will charge between $300-$3000.  They will then place ad(s) in trade magazines.  When they get a call on that ad, how do you know that your membership will be the one sold?  If you want to spend money to sell the membership, place you own ad in a recreational magazine.

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