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President’s Travel Club

President's Travel ClubAll three of our parks are affiliated with the President’s Travel Club (“PTC”) reciprocal camping network. The benefit of PTC is you can use the affiliated parks as you would your Home Park. Members who elect to join PTC have access to their network resorts for a $8.00 per night RV site fee. You may stay at each resort up to 14 days in and 7 days out as you would your home resort, unlimited times per year with no mileage restrictions.

Membership Requirements

  1. You must be in good standing at your home resort in order to participate as a PTC member.
  2. President’s Travel Club does not operate or manage your home resort .
  3. PTC is for usage benefits
  4. You must abide by the rules and guidelines set forth by the individual affiliated resorts when visiting those resorts.
  5. The PTC membership runs in conjunction with your home resort membership.

ANNUAL FEE: The President’s Travel Club Annual Membership fee is $49.00; payable to President’s Travel Club.

TRANSFERABILITY: The PTC Membership runs in conjunction with the purchaser’s original membership. The PTC Membership can only be sold, willed or transferred with purchaser’s original membership, considering the requirement for a purchaser to belong to a participating President’s Travel Club membership camp resort in order to purchase a PTC Membership.

  • Member may use the PTC Reciprocal Program for up to 14 consecutive nights. After staying at a participating resort for three (3) nights or more, and then leaving, the member may return to that resort for overnight usage only after a seven (7) night absence
  • The seven (7) day “out” rule is waived when going from one resort to another; however, this benefit does not allow for “live-in” privileges between two resorts. Member must visit a third resort before going back to first.

USAGE OF AFFILIATED RESORT: As a member of the PTC Reciprocal Program, you receive HOME RESORT usage-status at all of the affiliated resorts. The rules and guidelines for individual affiliated resorts have, in most instances, only minor differences. Therefore, you should find it enjoyable conducting yourself as you would if you had first purchased a membership at the resort hosting you.

In order to be a Presidents Travel Club member and enjoy the usage benefits of a participating resort or resort system, the purchaser must be a member of a participating resort and be in good standing with said resort; good standing being defined as current in dues payments and contract payments (if not paid in full). Resorts may be removed from the system. When (and if) such removal is effected, every attempt will be made to replace it with another resort. However, there can be no guarantee that such replacement will not take place, nor can assurance be given that replacement will be in the same general vicinity of the resort removed.

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